Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to PE with Tom E- Lab 0

Welcome world. My name is Tom Everson and I am a junior physical education major at SUNY Cortland. This is going to be my second semester here at Cortland after transferring in from Onondaga Community College this past fall. I am originally from Liverpool, New York were I have lived my entire life. When I have free time from school and work you can find me playing tennis and volleyball with friends from school and home. I also like to go down to Onondaga Lake during the summer and ride my bike around the lake or play Kan Jam in the park with some friends. My experience working with elementary aged children is fairly limited. I observed elementary school classes at Long Branch Elementary School when I was a sophomore. Last semester I had the opportunity to travel to Dryden Elementary School and with my lab group of four other students we organized games and activities for the after school program at Dryden. Over my winter break in the last month, I spent a week at Gillette Road Middle School and had the opportunity to observe a terrific teacher named Eric Smith. Although Gillette Road is an elementary school, when I was in elementary school 5th and 6th grade was not part of middle school. This was a great experience because I had the opportunity to kind of live the life of a teacher for a week and truly see what is involved in working with children.  From this class I expect to become more experienced working with elementary aged children. Working with elementary aged children can be quite a lot of fun and maybe one day I will get the opportunity to be an elementary phys ed teacher.

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