Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EDU 355 Lab 3

1. Select one of the locomotor skills and create your own set of cues. The locomotor skill that I chose was galloping. Three cues for galloping would be heel to toe, back then front and low legs.

2. Identify specific pathways used in each of the low organized games presented in the lesson focus. The pathways we used during the low organized games are circular pathway, straight and curved. The game, Forest Ranger utilized a circular pathway, mouse trap used a circle of people holding hands, a new way to walk used linear, circular and curved.

3. Selecting a topic for a class talk and outline the questions and key points that would help you guide a class talk. What does it mean to be physically fit? Key points for this topic could be muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and body composition. Being physically fit is the ability to accomplish and engage in physical activity and be able to do everyday functions like walking around, and any other things you do everyday without becoming sore or out of breath. Can talk about the advantages of being physically fit. Can ask what the students do to be physically fit.

4. Make a checklist of performance points to look for in one of the locomotor movements.
1. Follows the three cues
     -Heel to Toe
     - Back then front
    - Low legs
2. Consistency of Movement
3. Overall ability to do movement
4. Amount of Concentration needed to accomplish movement

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