Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phys ed is just just about the physical

The overall opinion of phys ed to the general public is that physical education teachers just teach physical skills like dribbling a basketball, but that is not all phys ed teachers should be doing. Phys ed teachers should be teaching their students about physical concepts but also including other school subjects in their classrooms. Including aspects of social studies like geography would be as simple as having an international games unit and including different games from around the world. The are a lot of great games like kinball, sepak takraw, team handball, fist ball and wallyball. The international games that I had the chance to play during EDU 255 were a lot of fun and I would love to play them more. Talking to the other school teachers and finding out what they are doing in their units throughout the year is a great way to incorporate different subjects into your phys ed classes. Phys ed should not be taught by simply tossing a few balls out on the gym floor and telling the students to play 5 on 5 basketball or 6 on 6 volleyball. The students need to become physically educated people and rolling the ball out does not accomplish that. The way our culture is today, how someone's body looks has become far too important of an issue, but that is how America is. Self-image is a big problem for students in school, and for a lot of people in this country. Some of those people may have had poor physical education experiences which turned them off to physical activity in general. Having your students interested in moving and being active can go a long way to helping their self-image and feeling better as a person. I know that when I work out or go out and play tennis with a friend I always feel really good afterwards. I feel like I am taking good care of my body and I feel awake and ready to go. Exercise actually has positive effects on how your brain works. ( ( Those two articles present evidence of how exercise can help train your brain. Being active can make your body and your mind feel great all at the same time. The mind and the body work as one, so get out there and exercise and train your brain. Phys ed needs to get away from rolling out the ball and move into activities, games and resources available to keep students active and healthy.

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