Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Taped in 470, very interesting

Today in 470 we were video taped talking about what we will do, what we hope and what we believe. Being on camera is definitely not something I am used to doing so when Dr.Yang mentioned it I was quite nervous. Each time it was my turn to speak, every second before the camera started rolling I was nervous. Should I say this, or that? Is that a good idea or is this idea better? Those are my thoughts before it is my turn to step in front of the camera and talk. Writing what you believe on a blog or a piece of paper is easy. How you say the words or your expressions or tone of voice do not come into play when you write down your words. But on video everything comes into play. Before I stepped in front of the camera I had words written down that I wanted to say. Words that I thought were good. But, when the moment came to actually speak, those words went away. The words I had originally written did not truly come from my heart. When I was in front of the camera I let my heart talk, well the second statement at least.. My first statement felt rehearsed, like there was no feelings behind it. The first statement felt like something you are taught at school and repeat like a robot. My second statement was quite different than my first however. I was going back and forth on what I wanted to say until the moment came and Dr. Yang pointed at me as my signal to start talking. When I started talking I felt my true feelings and thoughts just come out.

When you are at college you will learn a lot of information that will be important later on. But, what your professors cannot tell you is how you react when you meet an important person at a conference. Say you are walking around at the NYS AHPERD conference and you happen to meet a phys ed teacher who happens to be retiring at the end of the year. You know that there will be hundreds of others applying for that same job you want. You know you have to make a good impression the first time or else the job will pass you by. For me, speaking in front of that camera in 470 was like speaking to a superintendent or a principal of a school. And if that camera would have been a person, my first impression would not have been to my liking. Experience can be as important, or more important, that attending your classes everyday. Speaking in front of that camera was a very important experience that will help to prepare me for an interview or a conversation with an important person at a conference. This experience in 470 was a great opportunity to get a feel for what it is to really speak your thoughts and beliefs. 

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