Saturday, January 21, 2012

I will, I hope, I believe

I hope to inspire the students I will teach to enjoy physical education and physical activity as much as I do. Physical activity can provide someone with a lot of enjoyment and get them in shape at the same time. I hope that I can spark a student's interest in an activity that they can do while in school and after they graduate. Many phys ed curriculum are team sport based activities. Team sports do have there place in phys ed in my opinion because team work and cooperation with others are important life skills. But, this leads me to my I believe. I believe that physical education should provide students with games and activities they can do after they graduate from high school. I was an athlete in high school and I played volleyball and baseball. Although I do play volleyball during the summer at times, I have not played baseball since I graduate. Other sports from PE like soccer, basketball and floor hockey are difficult to engage in by yourself. I believe that physical education needs to provide activities for someone to do on their own. Bike riding, rollerblading, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and golf are all activities that get a person moving and active but can be done alone. I am not saying that a person needs to exercise alone but as I have found out since graduating high school, it is necessary to have activities to do if you do not have anyone around at that time. I wished my physical education program from my high school would have given me more ideas of activities I could engage in post graduation. I will learn as much as I can while I am at Cortland so that when I teach my own class I will be able to provide a good PE atmosphere for everyone. I will give my all everyday that I teach my students. I will attempt to make phys ed as enjoyable for everyone as I can. I will, I hope and I believe.

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