Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EDU 355- Lab 1

Lab 1 for EDU 355 was a very interesting lab. It was a lot of fun and Dr.Baert was very energetic and fun to learn from.

1. Why do class management and effective teaching go hand in hand throughout every day of teaching? Class management and effective teaching go hand in head in teaching because in order to do the things you want to as a teacher and be effective, you have to control your class and make sure they understand your class rules. If you can effectively manage the class you will be able to teach more effectively and most likely more material and everyone, the students and the teacher, will enjoy the class more.

2. Why should your list of class rules be short and positive? Your list of rules should be short and positive because if it is is a long list the students are more likely to forget the rules at the bottom. Also, if the rule says "no" in it, the students are more likely to rebel against that and do the opposite. Telling a student be positive and respectful is better than saying do not insult your classmates. Plus being positive makes the atmosphere more fun and enjoyable to be in than the mainly negative style.

3. List three reasons why students enjoy the squad square structure as well as three reasons why teachers benefit from employing the squad squad structure for management. One reason is that everyone can see every in the square. People can get to know each other easily and chat with their squad. A second reason is that the teacher can see all of their students and be able to manage and handle them easily. A third reason is that it is a good start to move into other activities and to clean up equipment. You can have squad one pick up the hula-hoops, squad two get half of the bean bags, squad three get the cones and squad four get the other half of the bean bags. Everyone is involved and the clean up will get done quickly.

4. What common elements do all of the activities in this management lab share? The common elements are easy management between activities, strategies for class management, organization and how to start your first week or two of teaching.

5. How is the affective domain addressed in this lesson? how is the psychomotor domain addressed in this lesson? How is the cognitive domain addressed in this lesson? The affective domain is addressed with the rules. It provides a positive set of rules that lead to responsible social and personal behavior. Positive rules lead to a positive atmosphere which could lead to more enthusiasm and enjoyment in PE. The psychomotor domain is addressed by demonstrating different movement skills like galloping, sliding, running, jogging, walking and skipping. The cognitive domain is addressed by giving the students rules and management techniques they need to know. When the teacher says freeze, the students have to bend their knees and put their hands on their knees every time.

6. Find a different management game and share it. http://www.pecentral.org/lessonideas/ViewLesson.asp?ID=9044         Drum to the Beat

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