Thursday, January 19, 2012

470, my introduction to blogging

We had our first EDU 470 class yesterday morning at 8 am. This was the first class with Dr.Yang, but I had been looking forward to taking one of his class. I had heard that Dr.Yang liked to include technology and social media into his class and that is definitely true. I was nervous about starting my own blog and using twitter a lot. I have made a twitter account in the past but I never really got used to using it. I found it difficult to get into using because I do not have a smartphone, which in my opinion makes it much easier to tweet on the go. But, twitter seems to have become an important information transfer system in the world today. I will have to get used to using twitter more often than I have in the past, but I think it will be good for me to learn more about twitter and experience what it has to offer. Blogging however is a totally new concept to me. I have never really read any blogs and I have never had my own to write in. The only place I had heard of blogging was some of the people that are interviewed on Sportscenter or Mike and Mike in the Morning have there own blogs that are quite popular. I did not really know what to expect when I created my own blog but thus far I am enjoying it. I am still finding my way around the whole blog thing but I will learn as I go. I am excited to continue my journey to becoming a physical educator. SUNY Cortland has brought me along way on my path to becoming a phys ed teacher, but it was not always this good. I attended Onondaga Community College (OCC) for my freshmen and sophomore years of college. My first three semester at OCC I did not intend of majoring in PE. I originally was an exercise science majoring trying to become an athletic trainer for a professional sports team. But, when I took a class in which I had to teach adventure activities, my whole career path changed. From that class on I knew that I wanted to be a phys ed teacher. I hope that I am able to find a job somewhere, whether it be in New York or another state. But, I look forward to the day that I have to opportunity to teach students about physical education.

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