Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience 3/25/12

Today I taught another lesson in my basketball unit. Today I focused on shooting but did some review on dribbling to make sure the students remembered what I had taught last time. As a warm up I did a dribbling game in which the half of the students were dribbling around the general space and the other half were trying to knock the ball away. I had the students with balls count backwards from a hundred losing 10 points every time they dropped their ball. After that I gathered the students in the center to go over the behavior management concepts that I had discussed last week. The students were still having trouble being patient and listening to my directions so I continued to work on that through the class. I introduced the BEEF cues to shooting, balance, eyes, elbow and follow through. Then I had the students work on shooting very close to the basket. I had the students do several other shooting drills but always made sure to have them stay within a range that would allow them to be successful. Success is important to people learning new skills because if they fail constantly they will be less likely to continue to practice and give full effort. As a part of my curriculum project I had the students do a shooting pre-assessment in soccer. I had goals lined up on the other side of the gym and had the students shoot from 15 feet away. I let them shoot any way they wanted and did not give them any sort of instruction. I wanted the numbers I got to serve as a baseline for the rest of my assessment. I had the students count the number of shots they made and had them write down their numbers on a chart. I decided to have the students play a game of knockout on one side of the court and had any student that got out in knockout come over and start the assessment. I did not want half of the students standing around doing nothing. Also, the students love playing knockout so I figured I would allow them to play as a reward for good behavior. I am going to continue my assessment with the same 4th and 5th grade class next week.

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