Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience 3/23/12

Today at CCA I did not teach I just helped out my master teacher and observed. The class was made up of kindergarten and 1st grade students. The teacher had the students organized into two teams and played kickball. The physical education classes at CCA are generally more of an extended recess than an actual physical education class. The students happened to have a lot of behavior management issues. Throughout the class I had students coming up to me complaining about what the other students were doing. Almost every student came up to me at some point and asked whether or not they could pitch the next inning. I told the students that I would be pitching for the entire class because I cannot let one student pitch and not another that would not be fair. Also, some of the students were not sharing and allowing the other students to kick. The students would stand near the student that was kicking which was a big safety issue. At one point I had to stop the game and talk to all the kids because they were not listening and they needed to understand what I needed them to do. I did not teach this lesson but I realize that these students definitely need a lot of work on their behavior management.

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