Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience 2/28

Today at field experience I observed another kindergarten class doing gymnastics/kidnastics. As a warm up the teachers had the students play everyone is it tag. Everyone is it tag is a good tag game because you have to be aware of yourself and everyone else at the same time. Also, it gives everyone a chance to be it and be tagged so nobody feels left out. When a student got tagged they had to go onto one of the mats and do 3 mountain climbers. The game was fun and got the kids moving a lot but went on for a very long time. Tom and I participated in the tag game and by the end of it we were completely exhausted and were dreading having to play the game again later in the day. If the warm up were much shorter it would have been effective because the students ended up standing around and had limited movement after a while. The gymnastics portion of the class was like every other class in which gymnastics was the unit. The students had to move from mat to mat and complete a different balance or jump. The only difference today was that some of the activities had the students working as partners. This was a good idea, but after every rotation at least one student was without a partner. The student without a partner was left out and did not get to practice the activity at the mat. The main problem with this gymnastics unit is that there is a lot of down time for the students. When a student is not jumping they are just standing there. Also, I do not really think the students are learning anything at all. It is more of them just practicing gymnastics.

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