Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience 2/14/12

Today I observed a sixth grade class that focused on floor hockey. The warm up that was used was the usual warm up of push ups, sit ups, laps and jumping jacks. There does not seem to be any variation in the warm up coming anything soon. Assessment should be an important part of every physical education curriculum. Without assessment how can a physical educator show progress for their students and really evaluate their students? Up to this point, I have not seen any type of assessment that will be used. The teachers spend their time mostly managing the class, explaining game play and refereeing the game play. I think it would be very easy to accomplish an assessment within this unit and lesson. If you wanted to assess the students ability within game play you could create a rubric that describes what you expect for different levels. Your rubric could have 4 different point values each with different criteria. Each point value would have specific criteria that would leave little room for subjectivity when deciding which point value a student observes. You could also perform an affective assessment during or after the game play. If you wanted to do it during the game play you could create a checklist of different affective behaviors you think you should see while the students are playing. You could check yes if you see the behaviors or no if you do not. You could do this for every student individually or for the students as a whole. Also, at the end of the lesson you could do a cognitive assessment in which you give the students a written quiz on what you have taught them. You could do a pre-test first to establish a baseline for the scores for each assessment and domain. then you could teach your lesson and during that lesson you could post-assess and see the progress, or lack of, that the students made. Unfortunately, I did not see any sort of assessment nor did I see a lot of student learning occurring in this lesson.

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