Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience 2/9/12


I observed another class on this day that was a sixth grade class. The students were continuing with their floor hockey unit. To my surprise, there was no skill practice before jumping into gameplay. The teachers did not go over dribbling/puck handling, defense, offense, shooting, passing or how to play goalie. The only thing that the teachers did before gameplay was a warm up. The warm up consisted of several laps around the gym which had a big safety hazard for me. In order to separate the two halves of the gym to use for game play, the teachers put mats down the middle of the gym. This may be a good barrier to separate the two different games, but the students were jumping over and messing with the mats. I think that at any point, although no student did, a student could fall and seriously hurt themselves. Also, on one side of the mats there was all of the equipment like gloves, hockey sticks, goalie gear and pucks laid on the ground. The students were stepping on or jumping over these as well. The teachers gave the students a verbal warning but did not correct the source of the problem. Luckily none of the students in the class were hurt by this gym set up. After the laps the students had to do 10 or more jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups. The jumping jacks were good quality but the sit ups and push ups were done with poor form by all of the students. I did not see one student correctly execute a push up properly out of all the students in the class. Push ups and sit ups may not be the best warm up to have because they are not fun to do and most people do not like them. Additionally, without correct form there is a limited amount of benefit to either exercise. After the warm up was complete the teachers organized the students into separate teams and split them up between two gyms. One teacher took some of the students to the small gym and the rest stayed with the other teacher. Tom and I refereed one game and the teacher refereed the other. The students switch opponents after each game of about 5 minutes length. Although there was a lot of activity there was little to no learning involved in this lesson. But, the students did not some concept of offense or defense. There was one student on each team that played defense. But, I am not sure whether or not they wanted to play defense or they were put their by their other teammates.

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